Connect with Doctors and encourage them to recommend HysterSisters.com as a patient resource, while also finding the best ways to connect with pre-op and post-op hysterectomy Patients and make sure they know about the patient-to-patient support they can receive from HysterSisters.com.

Hyster Sisters


Hyster Sisters

Since 2008, Momentum Public Relations has been HysterSisters.com’s trusted PR partner, watching the site grow from 100,000 unique visitors in 2008 to more than 380,000 in early 2016. What began as a doctor outreach program evolved into a series of communication campaigns that have all raised the awareness of HysterSisters with doctors and patients alike.

Our continual goal has been  to identify opportunities and create communications that extend HysterSisters’ fresh, relevant content and showcase its engaged audience. Asking CEO Kathy Kelley, “What do you want women to know the most? What do you see on your site that gets you upset? What is the online conversation you wish you could change?” led us to co-create the GiveMeA2nd.com campaign that encouraged women to get a second opinion for better health. MPR went on to produce two patient-education video series, support the launch of a new app and lead the communications strategy and media tour for Hysterectomy Awareness Month, first established internationally in May 2015.