Create a one-day news media opportunity for Impact Austin’s $450,000 Grant Announcement, working to garner more media attention that they previous years’ grant announcements.

Impact Austin


Momentum Public Relations worked with Impact Austin’s leadership to re-envision this exciting day, and create a way for six Austin-area nonprofit organizations to be recognized and together celebrate receiving $450,000 in grants.

The steps of City Hall served as the backdrop for the media event. All of Impact Austin’s six 2015 nonprofit grant recipients and Impact Austin Members were in attendance, visually raising the awareness of Impact Austin’s mission while underscoring its strength and impact in our community. The custom-made “big checks” added a visual punch to all the print, online and TV news stories.

Our goal was to garner at least four earned news media stories for Impact Austin. We exceeded expectations when 18 news stories were generated, all clearly communicating Impact Austin’s mission and news. It was a great day!

Momentum PR
Momentum PR