Give me some Plain Talk PR

A colleague and I used to fantasize about a business we called Plain Talk PR.  We both liked our jobs doing corporate comm work for a large company, but there were days when we joked about the need to simply cut to the chase. Usually this conversation came up after [...]

Content Begins the Conversation

From RISE, to SXSWi sessions and Expert’s Academy in Santa Clara, CA, content – content – content was the continual drumbeat of March 2011. Anybody who is anybody wove this message into their discussion points, article, speech or blog post. Laura and I believe in good content too. Good content [...]

Are PR and marketing the same song and dance?

Earlier this month, I was fortunate to share my experience as a publicist, communications strategist and dancer in a presentation during RISE 2011.  Many entrepreneurs, artists and organizations come to us with some straightforward PR questions: Should I write a news release? What's a press kit? How do I contact [...]

South by South Why?

Spring break in Austin means South by Southwest, a 10-day long series of conferences and festivals for pros in the interactive, film and music industries.  What on earth does that mean to an entrepreneur, small biz owner, nonprofit organization -- or communications pros like us? Usually when I tell people [...]

Communicating with Purpose: What’s bothering you…and what are you going to do about it?

For several years, these questions have become the heart of many conversations with our clients. You started a business, a practice or a venture to do things better, differently or perhaps, to do something that hadn’t been done before. Whatever was bothering you – you decided to do something about [...]

Reflecting on Ripples

Who knew it? I’ve been Rippling. And Laura’s been Rippling. This month we learned a new name for the way we’ve always led our business and personal lives: a Ripple. Steve Harper, author of The Ripple Effect, spoke to Freelance Austin this month. He shared the concept of how whenever [...]

Momentum Tip #3: Kindly Tell Them What You Want

Here’s the third and final way to Ask for What you Want. Media have to make a lot of decisions. Tell them what you want. Don’t make a writer guess what success should look like. Define it.  #3 Point to the Media Coverage You Want This “ask” can be done [...]

Momentum Tip #2: Ask for what you want. You just might get it.

We’ve worked with the The Clutter Diet since fall 2007 http://www.clutterdiet.com/news.php. After much media success and online recognition, we were ready to take Lorie’s presence and reach to the next level.  Here’s a second way you can Ask for What you Want.  #2 Position Yourself as an Expert and Become [...]

Momentum Tip #1: Know What You Want

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been able to walk right up to anyone and ask for anything. A couple of eggs from the neighbor when my mom realized that we didn’t have enough for a recipe. A discount at my favorite store. This trait serves me well personally [...]