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Customized For Your Needs

Need to pick our brains? Want to learn about the strategies, resources and tactics that can raise awareness of your brand and services? Momentum Public Relations offers customized Strategy Sessions designed to help you jump-start your PR and marketing programs.

Spend time with two senior-level strategists, discussing your business and what you need right now to help you move to the next level of communications and business success.

Think of Momentum Public Relations as counselors for your Personal Board of Directors or your private Communications Department. We’ll discuss the hard questions and figure out where you need to invest your time, energy and communications budget.

These collaborative meetings include:

  • A comprehensive review of what you need to achieve during our time together, gathered prior to our scheduled time
  • Answers to all of your specific public relations, marketing, communications, messaging, positioning and business strategy questions
  • Clarity, focused goals and next steps and resources that will take your business to the next level, all shared in a post-meeting report
  • Great ideas, resources and access to our collective 40+ years of experience

By Phone: 1 hour 45 minute time slots @ $750

In person: From 90 minute to half-day sessions, our Strategy Sessions include competitive research and preparation, an in-depth meeting and follow-up report with recommendations and next steps. Call us for a custom quote. 

And it’s fun! As one client exclaimed during our meeting: “Wow. That is so smart. You’ve just answered a big business strategy question I’ve been pondering and we are only 25 minutes into our time together!”

Yep. We love to help you gain momentum.

Complete our I Want PR Momentum questionnaire today and contact us to schedule.